Fearless Jones (fearless_jones) wrote in csp_support,
Fearless Jones

Picking while asleep?

Does anyone pick just before they go to sleep? During sleep? Do you wake up and pick while you're half-asleep?

I do all of these things and I was wondering how many people do the same thing. I hate it, but I've been doing it for years now and it's a hard thing to break. It's so embarrassing to wake up in the morning to see that I've torn scabs off or picked at a zit and then have my husband ask what happened to me.

Any ideas as to why this happens? For me, I think I subconsciously pick before I sleep because it's soothing, and then I pick in my sleep because of my OCD, and pick while I'm half-asleep because it's an excuse to keep picking ("I was sleepy! I didn't know what I was doing!")

I take meds for OCD and I've had sleeping pills prescribed to try and knock me out without the picking, but so far it's still a struggle.

Does anyone have any similar stories?
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