rooster_girl (rooster_girl) wrote in csp_support,

my scars

Here are my scars, after summer, few years both arms are like that, whole back and face..looks like my body's freckled, but is not...:((
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Deleted comment

no,havent tried any treatments...this pic was taken 2 years ago. now is little better.
I thinkk that that laser treatment only take your money..just get away from the sun and dont pick(haha,very funny :)
Looks just like the back of my legs. They do really look like freckles though and at worst a tiny touch of acne.
Your skin looks just like mine!! You'd be surprised how many people just think I have freckles, and I've let them heal enough now to where I don't bother correcting anyone. I know that I happen to adore the freckles my boyfriend has across his shoulders and arms because they make him unique, like the spots on a leopard are unique to the cat, and in a way I've come to kind of love my scars the same way.

I guess that just means I like your skin the way it is, and I'm probably not the only one who'd say so. :)