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Dermatillomania Documentary!

After working on the dermatillomania (compulsive skin picking) documentary for over a year and a half, a trailer for it can now be seen on my YouTube channel! Please share this in other online communities you are involved in, and to anyone. I want this video to go viral for the people who need to see it. Thank you!

♥ Angie

PS- If you haven't joined my facebook page yet, please visit:
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I was just about to post this here! I'm part of the Dermatillomania group. Thank you so, so much for all of your work getting the word about Dermatillomania out there. It means the world to me, and to other people who suffer from Dermatillomania, whether they know it or not.
Thank you so much.
Thank you for sharing this, and for everything you have done and are doing to spread information about dermatillomania. I am looking forward to the full docu a lot. Take care ♥