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Angela Hartlin's Official Website Launched!

Hey all,

After the Philippines Channel GMA News 7 news segment I took part in aired 2 and a half hours ago, I decided it was time to launch my new official website! This is extremely exciting for me, to be able to provide the best online support links and bring together the work I've done in advocating for awareness about Dermatillomania.

If there was ever a time I asked for people to "share", "like", "tweet" or any other fancy social network term for resposting a link, this is it! Even on the homepage of my new site there's a "like" button! Please spread this link around, even to online support forums you use that are related to mental health.

Thank you so much! I hope to hear feedback on my pages about your thoughts on the website. I have also linked back to this Livejournal community for others to join us in this journey! This was the first support group that ever helped me realize that I was not alone in my struggles. I had posted about my picking in self-harm groups and that ONE person referred me to this community. Now I'm paying it forward. xox

♥ Angie
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